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A little bit of winter motivation...

And our personal Cafe Aphra favourite...

Heart's Desire by Claire Macrae

The summer of her tenth birthday, Lucie’s family went to live in the woods.

It was her dad’s choice. Living somewhere beautiful was his heart’s desire, and Lucie’s too. She wanted Narnia, and this looked almost right. 
Her parents tried hard to make the house decent. An old man and his son had lived there before. The son was grown up, but he had a Condition. When the old man died, the son was taken away, Lucie didn’t know where. When she found out that her bedroom had been his, she was scared. Supposing he hadn’t really gone? Or only out through the wardrobe, into the woods. If he’d done that, he could come back. At night she lay taut and silent, listening for warning sounds: footsteps, the clink of hangers, his hands peeling a path through her clothes. 
She wished she could share a room with one of her sisters, but they wouldn’t have had that. They were both much older and Susan-ish; they didn’t want to live in the woods. They missed their friends, and shops, and places to go.
Too soon, …

My Desires by P.E. Cuberos

My desires are golden butterflies that I trap
in the cobwebs of my wisdom.

My desires,
blossom, ripen, swell, explode.
The seasons of my heart,
raspberry crests on the tips of my breasts

My desires,
sailors sailing to the magical cave,
in the depths of the rippling of the waves of my legs.

The singing of the sirens pulls and calls
to drop in and dive down
to deep and depth explore.

My desires
Wings that tickle with soft whispering tongues
My velvet-silk skin

Butterflies have a brief life
Raspberries rot
Sailors drown
grows old.

by P. E. Cuberos