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The Yet Unknowing World by Fiona J. Mackintosh


She Says by Richard King Perkins II

I gave up my giant, towering trees
outside Chicago
and traded them for scrub and krummholz
humbled at the Colorado tree line.

The blinding sun of Denver is a psychotropic drug
in its own right
but better; there are
no side effects in breathing brightness.

I’ve found joyful hours
and long minutes of friendship
but every moment that passes is a moment lost,
an instant to be mourned

so I’ll never, ever, ever be happy
but here
I can celebrate even the few grey days—
when the simple act of shaving my legs

leads to nothing more than thoughts
of shaving my legs.

by Richard King Perkins II

Odysseus Remembered by Ed Higgins

Years later Polyphemus still remembers the wine-soaked taste of Odysseus’s men. The barley and garlic-flavored Greeks. Their flesh a fibrous, blood-hued hummus. Their crunched bones releasing sweet marrow. The salty pink smell of warm Achaian blood squirting into his beard, spurting onto his bare chest. Their unwashed earthy warrior taste, sweat mixed with fear, the tang of filled intestines. They came to the Cyclops's shore to plunder his racked cheeses, steal sheep and goat kids from his pens.

Polyphemus remembers too the fire-hardened point of the smouldering olivewood stake driven hard through his closed eyelid, twisted like a drill. His gore-streaming eye a cantaloupe-sized grape on a white-hot spit, bursting. His ears mad with their own roaring. His frantic hands twisting the punishing spike from his eye in a geyser of blood and clotted eye-flesh, spilling onto the cave floor. Froth erupting from his lips like scalding magma.
The searing pain had driven the heady Greek wine fr…